Cloth pad...For those who are unsure which one is best

Cloth pad trial set

From large to small types
This set is perfect for trying out a new cloth napkin lifestyle.

Textiles with hand-drawn patterns
"You'll feel safe if you're with me."
"A warm heart" etc...

It is studded with flower motifs that have a gentle meaning in the language of flowers.

Wow. pattern flower language
This pattern...The pattern will change depending on where you cut it.

What is the language of flowers that will reach you...?

Blue day was depressing
On "Princess's Day"♪

To live comfortably and happily.

For first-time users
For those who are unsure of which size to start with
“I need to replace the wash and want to repeat it at a good price.”
This is the perfect set for you.

Cloth napkins “Ufufuwa.”
Try all sizes one by one
Comes with hygienic detergent and mini pouch
Great value 6 piece set

Regular (with breathable waterproof fabric, 5-piece structure with wings) x 1 item

Slim (with breathable waterproof fabric, 3-piece structure with wings) x 1 item

Liner (with breathable waterproof fabric, 3-layer structure with wings) x 1 piece

Leaf (for vaginal training) x 1 item

Mini pouch (vinyl pouch with zipper) x 1

Kireikpowder (a detergent that is gentle on the skin and bleaches, sterilizes, and deodorizes) 30g x 1 item

*Please leave the color and size to the shop. Always comes in 3 colors.

Because it's something that's important...
The best quality.
High quality fabric and stitching
Enjoy the warm and gentle feel of Imabari towel gauze with confidence.

●Ingredient display
・Outer material (surface that touches the skin)...
Organic cotton Imabari towel gauze 95% cotton 5% silk
・Medium (pile absorber/waterproof cloth)
Pile fabric…100% cotton
Breathable waterproof fabric (50% polyester jersey/50% breathable polyurethane film)
・Lining (patterned cloth) 100% cotton

Ingredients: Sodium percarbonate (oxygen), enzyme

[Trial set] All 6 items to enjoy by trying each size one by one

型番 14
定価 6,534円(本体5,940円/税594円)