For those who want to enjoy cloth napkin life by getting all the cloth pads at once.


"I want lots of replacements."

"I want to shift to a life of cloth pads all at once!"

"'s a pain to choose. I want to have the exact number I need."

This is the perfect set for those people.
Normally on both menstrual and non-menstrual days
When you use "Ufufuwa."
Every day is “Princess’s Day”♪


From a gynecologist
is recommended
Skin-friendly cloth pad


exclusive designer textiles
The illustrations on this cloth are hand-drawn by a Japanese designer.

The flowers sprinkled in the motif are
"warm heart"
``If you're with me, you'll feel safe'' etc.
It has the meaning of the gentle language of flowers.

Won the 2011 Industrial Design Award and objectively
This is a stylish cloth pad that has been recognized for its design and concept.

Very satisfying organic cloth pad luxury set
"Princess set"


【set content】
Wow. The cloth pads are all
Contains moisture-permeable waterproof fabric that won't get stuffy or leak so you can rest assured.
■Regular< /span>(normal days to heavy days) x 3 peach colors

■Slim< /span>(light day to normal day) x 3 maroon colors

■Liner< /span>(Vaginal discharge - light days) x 3 kiwi colors

■Leaf< /span>(Cloth napkins for vaginal training) x 2 pieces in lychee color

■Mini pouch< /span>(Ufufuwa. Original mini pouch) x 1 item

■Kireikpko(bleaching/sterilizing/deodorizing detergent) 30g x 2 items

A gorgeous set of 14 items in total.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy a fulfilling life with cloth pads.

*The color of each size is as shown in the photo.

where it matters
Because it's what you use...
The highest quality feel


Organic cotton and Imabari towel gauze are used for the skin surface.
Enjoy the soft, smooth, yet warm feel of the cloth.

The sewing is made in Japan and is carefully made by skilled craftsmen.
for each product
We use the words ``Thank you'' and ``You're cute.''
I hope you receive good spirituality as well.

●Cloth pad
・Outer material (surface that touches the skin)...
Organic cotton Imabari towel gauze 95% cotton 5% silk
・Medium (pile absorber/waterproof cloth)
Pile fabric…100% cotton
Breathable waterproof fabric (50% polyester jersey/50% breathable polyurethane film)
・Lining (patterned cloth) 100% cotton

Ingredients: Sodium percarbonate (oxygen), enzyme


★From the perspective of creating a sustainable society
Do not use individual packaging as much as possible;
We will ship plastic-free
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

[Princess set] 14 items in total - Ufufuwa cloth napkins. Luxurious set

定価 18,667円(本体16,970円/税1,697円)